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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service Groove Honda

Just like engine oil and coolant, transmission fluid plays an important role in your Honda vehicle’s ongoing operation. If you want to enjoy cruising around Colorado Springs, CO., then you’ll definitely need our transmission fluid exchange service at Groove Honda. Proudly serving areas including Monument, CO, Falcon, CO and Castle Rock, CO, we can handle all of your vehicle’s needs.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Fresh Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid does more than just keep the various gears, clutches and other components inside your transmission lubricated. The viscous fluid also acts as a medium that provides the hydraulic pressure needed to enable gear changes. Transmission fluid also serves as a coolant that helps move heat away from the transmission, preventing severe wear and tear caused by heat.



Honda Transmission Fluid Exchange Done Right

Transmission fluid also contains numerous additives and friction modifiers that help improve the fluid’s cooling and lubrication capabilities. With time and mileage, however, these modifiers will slowly deteriorate and your transmission fluid won’t be as effective at its duties. Dirt, grime and metal particles that aren’t picked up by your transmission’s filters can also accumulate within the fluid, further impacting its performance.

At Groove Honda, our transmission fluid exchange service is designed to ensure your transmission remains in excellent condition. Like a Cooling System Cleanse & Fluid Exchange, our technicians will exchange the old fluid with OEM-grade fluid that meets the specs demanded by your vehicle.

What Happens When You Neglect Your Transmission Fluid

Delaying your transmission fluid exchange can easily place your transmission in jeopardy, especially if you haven’t serviced your Honda according to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Overheating and excessive wear and tear can occur as the transmission fluid loses its lubricating and heat-transferring properties.

The dirty fluid that’s filled with metal particles and debris can also clog up portions of the transmission, leaving it vulnerable to fluid starvation and ensuing wear and tear. In short, neglecting your transmission is one expensive mistake you definitely don’t want to make.

Why Trust Groove Honda With Your Vehicle

Trust plays an important role in any vehicle service, no matter what type of vehicle you own. When you leave your vehicle in the capable hands of Groove Honda, you can rest easier knowing our Honda Master Certified Technicians will give your vehicle the care and attention it deserves.

Our brand-new service facility features dedicated Express Service bays and in-house detailing and accessory installation. Kick back and relax in our waiting lounge as you wait for your vehicle or use our courtesy shuttle to get back to work or home. You can even bring your used oil and oil filter to us if you perform your own oil changes.

Complimentary Service Amenities:


  • A Brand New Facility
  • Courtesy Shuttle Service to Surrounding Areas
  • Over 60 Years Combined Service Writer Experience
  • Five Honda Master Certified Technicians
  • Dedicated Express Service Bays
  • Fresh Donuts and Fruit in the Waiting Lounge
  • In-House Detailing Services
  • In-House Accessory Installation
  • Oil Recycling
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
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