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Honda Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

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Your Honda is built to last, and it shows. Honda vehicles consistently rank among the longest-lasting vehicles on the road. To make sure your Honda continues to serve you well, it’s important that you keep it well maintained — and this includes replacing the serpentine belt when necessary. At Groove Honda, serving Falcon and Monument, we proudly offer serpentine belt replacement service. Learn more about it here, and then come see for yourself why drivers from as far away as Castle Rock choose Groove Honda.

What Is a Serpentine Belt?

In the old days, vehicles had a number of belts that controlled different accessories. These included a belt for the alternator, a belt for the power steering pump, a belt for the water pump, a belt for the A/C compressor, and so on. These days, one drive belt powers all of these and more. It’s variously known as the fan belt, the accessory belt, and the serpentine belt. But whatever you call it, it’s a vital part of your Honda’s functioning.

Why Does My Serpentine Belt Need To Be Replaced?

The serpentine belt in your Honda is designed to last for tens of thousands of miles. However, it is still a rubber part that will wear down over time. Before it breaks, it’s best to have it replaced. That way, your Honda will continue driving smoothly and safely.

What Are the Signs That I Need a New Serpentine Belt?

When you bring your Honda in for service, we’ll perform a multi-point inspection that includes the serpentine belt. We’ll look for cracking and other signs of wear. However, there are other possible symptoms between service appointments. If you hear strange noises in the engine, if the check engine light comes on, or if features like the A/C and power steering system stop working, the belt may be about to break. If it breaks completely, your Honda will stall.

Schedule Your Next Serpentine Belt Replacement at Groove Honda in Colorado Springs

When you’re ready to have your serpentine belt replaced, head to Groove Honda. Your Honda owner’s manual will tell you when this belt should be replaced; when that time approaches, use our online service scheduling tool or give us a call to set up your appointment. When you’re here, enjoy our comfortable waiting room with its impressive amenities, or take advantage of our courtesy shuttle service to go about your day. We look forward to seeing you at Groove Honda.

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