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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change in Colorado Springs

Commonly referred to as “synthetic blends” semi-synthetic engine oils are comprised of up to 30% synthetic oil. Essentially, semi-synthetic is synonymous with synthetic blends which are the combination of synthetic and conventional base oils. To ensure the engine health of your Ford, semi-synthetic oil provides increased protection than most conventional oils, all at a lower cost than fully synthetic oils. Additionally, the key difference between conventional oils and synthetic oil is its level of refinement along with ingredients and production processes that create greater scientific control over its purity and molecular size.

As a result, engine sludge is produced along with lower friction and increased overall performance. This type of oil is typically recommended for trucks, vans and SUVs when operated under normal driving conditions in the Monument, Falco and Castle Rock metropolitan areas.

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When speaking of motor oils, they are not created equal. Synthetic oils are known to outperform conventional oils. Synthetic blend motor oils are essentially a mixture of conventional based and synthetic oils designed to created greater resistance to oxidation and offer lower temperatures especially designed for vehicles that actively carry heavy loads, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

There are several advantages for using semi-synthetic blends such as:

  • Synthetic oil is more stable: at the molecular level, semi-synthetic oil is more stable thanks to its ability to handle high pressure driving such as towing and off-roading.
  • Synthetic Oil Contains Fewer Contaminants: traditional conventional oil is oil-based and contains contaminants and may even contain paraffin.
  • Starting the vehicle: because the motor oil within an engine has to travel on-demand after the engine is started, semi-synthetic oil will create greater stability over various temperatures.
  • Cost: semi oil blends compared to fully synthetic oil is a less expensive option for consumers who still expect the lubrication benefits of fully synthetic oil.
  • Performance: thanks to the use of higher quality fluids and additives, semi oil blends offer greater performance than conventional crude oils.

Oil Changes at Groove Honda

Groove Honda of Colorado Springs, CO offers a variety of services that includes oil changes and has dedicated express service bays where you can receive oil change service performed by our team of factory-trained and certified service technicians. Because they are equipped to perform service on any make and model Ford, you can be confident your vehicle will receive top-notch service and allow you to enjoy your Ford for years to come.

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Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
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