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Rear Brake Pad Replacement

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Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Rear Brake Pads in Colorado Springs, CO

You have front wheels and back wheels, so it only makes sense that you also have front brakes and back brakes. Knowing when to change both your front and rear brakes is essential to keeping the pads healthy and safe while driving.

However, there is a pretty big difference in frequency when changing rear brakes as opposed to front brakes. Because of this, we do not recommend changing brake pads to be an at-home project. Instead, bring your car in to see the professionals at Freedon Honda who can accurately diagnose the health of your rear brake pads and let you know if they need to be repaired.

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What are the signs you need your brakes to be replaced?

The signs are just as common for the front as they are the back.

  • The obvious, your brake light on your dashboard turns on
  • The car begins to vibrate when slowing down or coming to a stop
  • You can feel your car pulling to one side while braking

Brakes may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to getting them replaced. However, oftentimes people let their brakes go unattended for much too long. Other ways you know your brakes need to be replaced are if coming to a complete stop begins to take longer and you find yourself having to brake sooner. When this happens, you should bring your car in so we can take a quick look at their health.

Do you have to get your rear and front brakes serviced at the same time?

The short answer is no. The long answer is: Your brake pads wear differently from front to back. Your car uses the front brakes far more frequently and aggressively than it does the back brakes. For this reason, having your rear brake pads replaced happens far less often. This isn’t to diminish the importance of paying attention and having both checked – but it is important to note that when it does come time for the rear brake pads to be replaced, having a certified professional like ours at Groove Honda is important to make sure the job gets done right.

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Our team and Groove Honda is happy to be the preferred certified service center for drivers all around the Colorado Springs area. We are happy to offer our customers a comfortable waiting area with WiFi, beverages, a children’s play area, rental cars and more!

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Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
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