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Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

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What Maintenance is Necessary for a Honda When You’re Driving Less?

If your Honda may be sitting unused for a long period, such as more than a few weeks, there are some maintenance tasks that you’ll still need to consider. Just because your car, truck, or SUV isn’t racking up the miles doesn’t mean that you can avoid routine maintenance. Not all necessary maintenance is based upon mileage alone. To keep your Honda functioning properly and safely, there are a few tips of which you should be aware. Our certified technicians at Groove Honda share some key maintenance items that you should consider for times when you aren’t driving as much. That way, when you’re ready to get back on the road, you’ll have confidence that your Honda will take you wherever you want to go!


Honda Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

Oil Changes Are Still Necessary, Even When You’re Driving Less

Even during times when you’re driving less, it is still important to keep up with routine maintenance, especially your oil change. Although most recommendations for oil changes are based upon mileage accrued, there is also a time factor involved. The oil degrades over time and can develop contamination. Our certified technicians can check and replace your oil for you, regardless of what type your vehicle takes.

Drive Your Honda Occasionally

Take your car out for a short 10-15 minute drive every week or two if possible. It can help with the following:

  • Keeps your battery charged
  • Ensures your car’s fluids are circulating to the components that need them
  • Keeps your engine running smoothly
  • Prevents flat spots from developing on your tires
  • Helps you recognize if your tires’ air pressure is low

Prevent Weather Damage to Your Honda

If you have to leave your Honda outdoors for a long stretch, we recommend protecting it from the elements if possible. Especially in Colorado, debris, pollen, and bird droppings can damage the exterior of your vehicle. A car cover can help, and will also help prevent scratches and scrapes to your paint. Many people don’t consider that condensation can build up in your gas tank, especially with fluctuating temperatures. Make sure you fill up your gas tank before letting it sit for long periods.

Groove Honda of Colorado Springs, CO Can Give Your Car the Checkup It Needs

Whether you’ve decided to drive to work or for a family vacation, schedule a checkup for your Honda to make sure it is operating as it should. Our Honda Master Certified Technicians can spot any potential issues, diagnose the problem, and fix them for you, and they’ll do so quickly and accurately. Why trust your Honda car, truck, or SUV to someone who knows little about your particular model, when we have your local experts in-house. We can get you in and out faster with our Express Service bays, and can even give you a ride in our courtesy service shuttle. Get your vehicle running smoothly after a period of driving less while you enjoy fresh donuts and fruit in our brand new facility. You’ll appreciate all that the Groove Honda service center has to offer customers like you in the Colorado Springs, Falcon, Castle Rock, and Monument areas.

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Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department
Groove Honda of Colorado Springs Accessories Department



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