Honda Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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Honda Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Colorado Springs, CO

You might be here because of a check engine light? We can get to the bottom of the problem with a check engine light diagnosis. Our check engine light diagnosis service is performed by certified technicians. We pull the trouble code and provide a diagnosis with remedy maintenance recommended to fix the problem. Be sure to visit our service center promptly for a check engine light diagnosis at Groove Honda in Colorado Springs, CO, serving Honda owners in Falcon, Monument, and Castle Rock.


The Check Engine Light Explained

The check engine light illuminates when the onboard diagnostic system detects a problem. The onboard diagnostic system is computerized with sensors positioned within the engine and exhaust that constantly monitor performances. When a problem is detected, the check engine light comes on. The computer also stores the trouble code related to the problem detected. Check engine light diagnosis begins with pulling the trouble code from the computer.

Check Engine Light Status: Solid or Flashing?

The check engine light will be solid or flashing. A flashing check engine light signals bigger trouble with driving not recommended given the risk of catastrophic damage. A solid check engine light is less urgent but maintenance will be needed to fix the problem. This is not an emergency but getting a prompt check engine light diagnosis is recommended as a problem has been detected with an associated risk.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service Overview

Check engine light diagnosis service identifies the problem and verifies the root cause with an inspection. This results in a referral to the corrective maintenance needed to restore integrity and turn the light off. This is much more than simply pulling the trouble code offered by the nearest parts store. Pulling the trouble code from the computer is only the beginning because we diagnose the trouble code and provide a solution. Check engine light diagnosis includes speaking to a knowledgeable service advisor about what is recommended to fix the problem.

Most Common Check Engine Light Culprits

The check engine light is common, with the risk of getting a check engine light increasing with miles. There are several common causes of check engine lights that come up more often. Here is a sample of the most common check engine light culprits:

  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Fouled spark plugs
  • Dirty fuel induction
  • Catalytic converter damage
  • Loose fuel cap

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